It's by typing this sunday 15th of may 2016. some new pictures with three mentale selfexpressions. the topone is brown and black thoughts with silver from speaking a lot and some yellow light and mystical growth from blue green. i am an worldcitizen so this expression is a mentale picture of the world in this/that moment. (autumn winter 2015) The second green one is more growth but went over. the orange lightblue one is more fire and wisdom, als with silver for recovering talk.

in future i plan to make another brownsilver one with a little bit less black and with violet instead of bluegreen. But actually i am also planning to paint the last big paintings somewhat later. i have no more money to buy such big canvas bottoms.


many pleasure:




have pleasure,


Thanks to many hits, and that's something, i started to paint unity circles again. Not so often, when people ask me, so they all go into the free world. For this site there are the `old' paintings, and now i made some cards with some tekst mostly in english. If you like the card just mail me i have some for you.




december 2013,


Prices are based on: Share together and save the world!!!

Some large work twice: more coming up....february 2015.

(This cheerfull work is again called happygarden 2 x 1,5 meters!!)


This also large work 2 x 1,5 meters!! is called `Black Mountain' (part of the canvas is deliberately empty{not painted} and not white! has to do with cosmic emptyness?!!)


These to three pictures below are available postcards with text, 10x15 centimeters.




In the entree - - - unity circle - - -





The art is as uncomplicated as possible. I like to make influence, atmosphere with as little as lines as can be. Unfortunately is my computer handling not so professional, so that the pictures are much darker than the originals. The foto as well as the scanner made them darker.


Abstract, love series, 80x80 on board with wooden frame.

Experience learns that, like a college artist said, the art works with white. The backgrounds of the puppets are white and also the abstract and expressionism use white in the paintings. I like the colour white, because it's fresh, flowering and can have clearness and purity in it. Withcoming point is that the paintings stand very good on darker painted walls. Of course after your own taste. The fresh joyfull art also comes good in modern stretched interiors where it can give a gay note.

I hope you get amazed and feel for it. If you might be interested you can contact me trough the contactform on this site

Much pleasure and thinking!


My debut of the puppet style:


Two circles: 70x100cm acryl on canvas. (Sold)


Below cheerfull dolfinarium: 70x100cm acryl on canvas.


Just some flowers in my livingroom.


Link with friend:

Zeer veelzijdige kunstenares en fotografe. Decoreert alle soorten: textiel, bord, glas, muren, etc.


Some early work at a friends livingroom.


Kunstenaarskoppie met kunst-t-shirt.