Steven makes art, writes poems and short stories. Here as a start a poem:

Especially in english.

There are many Bodhisatva's around

Who make no sound

They are trapped inside

The heavenly light

They meditate on Karma

But have their troubles with Dharma

They contemplate

Mankinds faith

What will become

If the World order is wrong?

Spellbound Buddha

Subground Sutra

All together, come and see

Enlightment for free

Just sit and wait

Hanging in front of the Buddha bait



The truth of dimensions need

Is trapped inside the wordly beat

Moments aligned

Peace of mind

Ain't hard to find

In Buddha's presence

If you sniff the essence

Of what life means

To your dreams


Steven made here three colourful pictures which aren't well photographed and scanned, they are much to dark, but hope to give an impression.

They are about 60 x 80 centimeters and are not for sale.



Furthermore two oil crayon pictures which are 40 x 50 centimeters. Which aren't for sale either.



Another two poems:

(The first poem gave me (SvdH) a slight problem. Allthough I knew that it was meant positively could I imagine that other people, who not know the author, could misunderstand some parts. Therefore I mailed steven and asked for a small explanation of this first of two poems. It has been written underneath the first poem, SvdH.)

The rules in your hand

On your demand

Fortune is given away

For those who dare stay

Death follows us all

If heaven will fall

Misfortune is given

For those who stiffen

How Maria is roaming free

Deserved to have a virgin familly

The pain, the ache

Wasn't birth a mistake

All around now debris

Satan has followed God's esprit

To copy heaven in all

Now Satan has failed in his downfall

Explanation: Steven Wouters: 'This poem is meant to be positive. The luxury of having a virgin family is the opposite of having pain of birth. Such as the ordinary birth of myself. Was my birth welcome enough in this world? Should I have lived on another planet as another entity?

The name calling of satan was just a way of making him lose what he most desired. Before he fell from heaven. In his downfall he looses everything, even his place on earth (or rather this world). In the end we'll all be free from duality and be united as were we one entity.

I hope this clears the darkness of the poem.'


and poem number two:

In all directions a post

Which way will cost the most?

Freewheeling an option it ain't

Before you'll flow, you'll faint

In all directions a pole

On which the bones are white

You can lose your soul

Hopefully to the light

In all directions a miss

Don't forget to kiss

The girl you most love

She might be your white dove

In all directions a chance

Lying down on a canapè

Not only for romance

But for the true Agapè

And even more poems:

Cosmic light

Energy flight

Makes an eternal fight

For the right

Beyond endless duality


Face my new religion

Based on superstition

Multiple dimension

In between

Few of them I mean

To rediscover or redeem

The fantasy of heaven

Was cultivated by Stephen


It's a reality flip, over

A new tip, over

Follow through how

New reality now

Concrete from another place

Make haste, alien race

You may be black

White's attack

Without reason

Play for the season

Time after time

Reality is mine

I see a face

The human race

Goes to waste

Inter cultural class

Beyond the common mass

Lies a super dream

A new born team

Mixture entities

From my readiness

Who try to please

Me and my way

Dare to stay and wait

You'll see a common faith

Aren't we all the same

When death calls our name