This is not a pleasant message. It is about the pollution of the Earth. The pollution and contamination is a much more serious threat than most people know. Especially nucleair energie brings lots of damage to the matter. Not only where we know of but also in the matter  on the higher areas as we do know of.

From the range from matter to spirit you have certain levels of matter. The damage done by nucleair energy, which cannot be measured with inadequate geiger tellers, is very severe. Especially to mother earth in the higher spiritual matter areas!! Nucleair energy (splitting) is danger pur sang!

And that while nucleair fusion of the water isotoop is possible!! And far less dangerous/polluting than splitting.

Next to nucleair energy danger there is the world wide spread of heavy metals. This poisonous every human, animal and plant life! Please notice when (NOT!) using batteries, paint, consume in general and drive cars and plains.

I cannot express this message with more seriousness.

Please be unselfishness, modest and sober in consumption, no matter what. It's life on Earth itself at stake !!

What we decide today influences biljons of people and for even hundreds maybe a thousand generations to come!!

Thank you very much for your attention,

Stefan van den Hout