Birdspecies decline!

In eastern europe are much more birds left than in western europe. This because the type of agriculture. Extensive or intensive. Biological farming is the solution!!


40 x 60 centimeters. Protesting sun, empty falling birds and cold supply and demandthinking resulting in dustbin economie.



Help, beautiful nature has to go for overweight people in the west. Mainly the meat produktion is a big and heavy load for mother earth. Everybody seems to want tons of meat every day again. Though we only need 75 gram a day.


90 x 90 centimeters.



Once I got post to spent money for the aids problem in the world. I didn't have money at that time and out of powerlessness of that moment I made this board (80x80) to sell for the problem.

I wasn't in a fine mood, so I decided to give it no colour. The mouth of the head is screaming because of my powerlessness, The line of cars stands for the waste of energy in the west, in contrary for the line of crying eyes in poor aids strucken countries.

There is also a hart standing for the principle/energie of Christ.



The have's and the have not's.

This painting is a protest against the terrible gap between the wealth in rich countries compared to people who have really nothing. As you can see has the wealth population have bars for their hearts en less divine harts behind them. The good will and love of God is more to those who have barely nothing in a world of enough.