Spirit into dust........


If you talk about spirit in contrary to dust, you speak in my opinion about the first differentiation of the whole. The whole or the cause of causes is something so undefinable, that there are no words for it. Every expression is a limitation and passes the core (another helpless word) to speak out.

Dust is everywhere, but so is spirit, and there is a lot to explore on this area. It is in our economic, social, politic and every life we know of.

In the art I tried to express spirit as human puppets and mix it with dust as being mathematical figures. The pictures are even larger than puppets and measure: 90 by 90 centimeters.

Perhaps it is good to say that , the whole, is something extremely Holy and dignified. It's love warm divine intelligence hope and believe in extraordinary measures. The already meantioned white in my paitings is probably most at place by this spirit into dust subject.

Much pleasure.


They are all five made using thesame three colours. Light blue, orange and egg-yellow.

They are actually a belonging series and ought to hang together in a very big entrence hall or something. Who knows.

Postcards sold out.